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Tax Tip Tuesdays No. 5: Announcing a 2 new convenient options for our clients “Share File” and “Right Signature”

Posted on: January 26th, 2016 by Ken Smith

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We recognized the inconvenience of traveling to our Northbrook office to drop off documents and/or to sign final returns. We need your documents in order to start preparing your tax return: AND, the IRS and Illinois Dept of Revenue require that the taxpayer sign their return. Well, whether you are from Alton (IL) or Zion, your life just got a bit easier with the 2 new options we implemented for this tax season. Announcing ShareFile and Right Signature…

Brown CPA Group, Ltd., – Tax Tip Tuesdays

by Ken Smith

Tax Tip Tuesdays Strategy No. 5: Announcing a 2 new convenience options for our clients: “Share File” and “Right Signature” Safe send and sign your documents over the internet

I’m sure you heard of the horror stories of people sending things over the internet and the Identity theft issues using unsecured communications (email). The security of your information is one of our top priorities.

Federal and State laws (E-SIGN and UETA) permit parties to create binding contracts using electronic signatures. However, such contracts are not enforceable unless certain key requirements are met.

The technology provides the proof required to demonstrate an enforceable digital signature and associated contract including: (1) attribution of the digital signature to the breaching party, (2) integrity of the contract terms sought to be enforced, and (3) chain of title and proper recordkeeping to demonstrate attribution and integrity.

The Easy to Understand and Use Technology is called “Right Signature”

Brown CPA Group, Ltd. has selected Right Signature as an ultra-secure method to send our clients tax returns and other sensitive documents for e-signature. Right Signature is a simple way to sign your documents.

Right Signature uses a very secure 256-bit EV SSL encryption and the world-class server infrastructure to ensure the absolute privacy of your data. Right Signature incorporates the same level of data protection and redundancy as an online bank.

When you have a document to sign you will receive an e-mail notifying you of the document. Click on “Review & Sign Document” within the e-mail. After clicking, you will see the document and can review the document by scrolling through it. There will also be a “document details” box displaying when the document was sent and who sent it to you.

If the document meets your approval, simply sign in the box that says “Signature Here…” You can use your mouse or use your keyboard to sign the document.
Once you have signed, click the “Submit Signature” button. You will receive an e-mail with a pdf of the document you just signed.

This process fulfills the verification required for a valid e-signature by providing a “Signature Certificate” as proof of your official signature. You will also receive an official e-mail notification of the signature with a pdf of the signed document attached.

For more details, contact your tax accountant at Brown CPA Group, Ltd. You can also click on our web page www.browncpagroup.com for a video tutorial produced by Brown CPA Group containing instructions on how to use right signature.

Another closely related topic to securely signing documents is securely sending important documents via the internet. Brown CPA Group, Ltd. has selected ShareFile as an ultra-secure method to receive and send tax documents to our clients.

ShareFile stores your files in a secure, privately managed server farm equipped with the latest firewalls and Internet security updates to help keep your data completely safe, and physical security measures from fingerprint scanners to ballistic-proof exteriors protect against theft and natural disaster.

To set up on ShareFile for the first time you will create a password and enter your email address as your user name. Once you are logged in, you have access to a secure private folder just for you to store your secure documents.

An important feature of ShareFile is that it sends you an email when a file is uploaded to your folder. This way you are less likely to miss an important document in the future.

You can browse files that were put into the directory you created. Both you and the others you give permission to can save files to your directory.

For more details, contact your tax accountant at Brown CPA Group, Ltd. You can also click on our web page www.browncpagroup.com for a video tutorial produced by Brown CPA Group containing instructions on how to use ShareFile.

In summary, Brown CPA Group, Ltd. has selected Share File as an ultra-secure method to receive and send tax documents to our clients. To share documents with Brown CPA Group, Ltd. simply setup a password and access the virtual Share File area which will store your files securely on-line. You can set up your own directory structure and upload documents easily and securely using the drag and drop and browse functionality.

To schedule an appointment to implement this strategy and others within the context of your unique tax situation, Contact Brown CPA Group, Ltd., at (847) 509-4100.

About the author: Ken Smith is an Enrolled Agent and Senior Staff Accountant with Brown CPA Group, Ltd. We know that success means different things to different people. While a business owner strives to maximize profits, increase efficiency and plan for succession; an individual client is more concerned with tax planning, wealth management, retirement and estate planning. At Brown CPA, we work with you on the total picture. Together, we succeed.

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