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DO YOU NEED A NEW ACCOUNTANT? — Now is the time to make the change!

Posted on: March 8th, 2016 by Ken Smith

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Your accountant is your most trusted business adviser. They are often the only knowledgeable external third party available to intelligently discuss internal challenges. Many business owners feel it’s time to change. Many business owners have felt that it’s been time to change for a long while but have delayed too long. Statistics say the average business changes CPA firms only once every twelve years. Our clients have found that they delayed the decision to change accountants too long. They wish they switched to Brown CPA Group much sooner! The main reasons business owners are switching to Brown CPA Group, Ltd. are:

We answer your important calls quickly – Our clients like how quickly we respond to client calls and e-mails. We know you want answers NOW, not next week. You always get a live person answering your calls during business hours. Our goal is to address your question on your first call whenever possible.

Our clients feel and know they are important – Brown CPA Group knows every client is important. This allows us to treat every client with respect and importance you deserve.

We provide frequent access to your accountant not just support staff. Brown CPA Group is known for great communication and highly responsive relationships our client trust. We maintain high quality service and an open highly responsive relationship with our clients. We communicate during tax season and throughout the year.

We are proactive in saving you tax dollars. Brown CPA Group, Ltd. tax advice saves you tax dollars by advising you how to take advantage of the newly-enacted tax laws such as the Research and Development Credit, the Budget Act, the Affordable Care Act, and the FAST Act.

We explain complex accounting matters in a way you understand. Brown CPA Group, Ltd. explains your tax information so you understand it. We communicate it quickly enough so you can confidently take action in time to make a difference.

We specialize in Business Tax and Accounting. If your present firm specializes in individual tax, try our firm that specializes in the tax and accounting issues of business owners.

We have the staff and depth of accounting knowledge to grow with you. If you have been with your current accountant for more than five years, your firm and income may have out grown your present accountant. Businesses of 10 or less employees have different tax and accounting issues than businesses with more employees.

We leverage the latest technology. We offer our clients the option to go paperless. Many accountants still have you mailing or bringing in your documents. Brown CPA Group, Ltd., has a secure portal to upload scanned documents and keep them filed and secure. If you prefer using paper documents, we will scan your paper documents for you and return them to you quickly. We use electronic signature software that is easier and faster than mailing documents to sign. We make all your documents available to you at all times through our securely encrypted portal.

For faster communication, a stronger relationship with your CPA, and for knowledgably answered questions in a way you’ll find easy to understand, contact Brown CPA Group, Ltd., at 847-509-4100.

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